stuffed portobello caps


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These portobello caps are stuffed with ricotta, spinach and italian sausage, and served with marinara.


Prepare Ricotta cheese and marinara according to recipes on this site.

Store bought ricotta is not recommended for this dish.


Preheat oven to 350deg.


Clean and skin the portobello mushrooms and remove stem.

Place caps fins down on cooling rack over a cookie sheet. This allows water to drain away from the caps.

Brush with olive oil & lightly salt & pepper.

Place in oven until fully cooked.


Start water to steam the spinach.


Remove casing on the sausage.

Cook sausage in pan & break it up into fine pieces.

Remove from heat & drain oil on paper towel. Cool.


When water is ready, steam spinach until soft.

Squeeze water out of spinach.

Chop fine.


Mix ricotta & egg.

Add oregano, salt & pepper to taste & mix.

Add chopped spinach & mix.

Add sausage & mix.


When caps are cooked, pat of excess water and place fins up in shallow metal pinch cups. This will help keep ricotta mixture in caps.

Place large ball of ricotta mix in each cap & top with mozzarella.


Bake at 350deg until top of cheese is brown & cripsy.


Remove from pinch cups, top with marinara & serve.