fresh ricotta cheese


Travis' Kitchen
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This is an amazing recipe for a rich & creamy ricotta cheese. You'll never go back to store bought. If you don't like ricotta, give it a try before you decide as it has changed the minds of ricotta detractors.


1. in a medium saucepan warm the milk and cream over moderately high
heat until the surface becomes foamy and steamy and an instant read
thermometer inserted in the milk registers 185degrees. Don't let the
milk boil. Remove from heat. Add the vinegar and stir gently for 30
seconds. The mixture will curdle immediately. Add the salt and stir for
30 seconds. Cover the pot with a clean towel and let stand for 2 hrs.

2. line a large colander with cheese cloth allowing several inches of
overhang. Set the colander in a large bowl. Using a slotted spoon
transfer curds to the colander. Carefully, gather the corners of the
cheesecloth and close with a rubber band. Let the ricotta stand for 30
minutes gently pressing and squeezing the cheesecloth occassionally to
drain off the whey. Transfer the ricotta to a bowl and use at once or
cover and refrigerate. Ricotta can be refrigerated for up to 4 days.